Fixed Blade Hunting Knife: A Must-Have For Every Big Game

Are you looking for the best-fixed blade hunting knife? Is it really a better choice than a foldable one? When preparing for a big game ahead, many hunting enthusiasts face the challenge of choosing the best knife. While it is easy to see why many choose fixed blade knives, the number of brands, sizes and design out there can be totally confusing. After all, knives seem to look and function in the same way.
So, how to distinguish a good one from so-so types? Here are some tips to remember when picking one:



1. Know what type of game you will be engaged with and the purpose of your fixed blade hunting knife. Hunting for fowls is not in the same league as hunting for rabbits, hares or bigger games like deer and elk. Skinning and dressing ducks or quails are not as tedious as that of deer or rabbits. Splitting and cutting of bones and going around thick skin definitely requires something strong and sharp that it can penetrate even sturdy cartilage.

2. Have a budget in mind. Your choice of hunting knife should not be overwhelmingly expensive. There are hundreds of decent tactical knives out there that doesn’t break the bank. Take this 13-inch Tactical Survival RAMBO Fixed Blade Hunting Knife from MTech USA. It comes with a 7-inch stainless steel blade that can slice into anything with ease. The rubber-coated handle which comes in camo-like army green hue is designed with ABS to handle for comfort and firm grip even when wet. The nylon-equipped sheath also keeps the knife in place while going through your best game- and ALL these come at such an affordable price.


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Definitely, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire an excellent hunting knife to bring along on every game. This is even more so today when Amazon and other online retail sites hold more than hundreds of hunting brands to suit not just your game needs but also your budget.

3. Size does not really matter when it comes to hunting knives– but it pays to have a small one handy for skinning and a larger one for breaking or splitting bones and cartilage. A knife for dressing fowls like pigeon or duck or quail can make do with small ones. For rabbit, hare or raccoon as well as bigger games like deer and elk, the small one for skinning and a bigger, as well as sharper type, can do better when breaking into the rib cage. While hunting pros recommend at least 4-inch of the blade, in some cases a larger knife also comes handy when slicing off bigger game meat.

4. Many hunting enthusiasts also keep a small fixed blade hunting knife tucked into their waistline or ankles. This sometimes serves as both protection when pistols sometime fail and danger is imminent. The key is to find one that while fully secured in a sheath, it can also be easily sheathed anytime, anywhere when out and about preying on fresh game meat.

5. To save, pick hunting knife bundles that offer three or four different knives. This is even more so when you consider hunting as a regular sporting game. Consider this 3-piece Elk hunting fixed blade hunting knives set. You have a 9-inch blade for gutting and hooking, a 10-inch one for fillet purposes and a shorter 8-inch caper– all goes into a protective nylon sheath which can be easily tucked in your camo pants or pack.




Though it cannot be denied that a fixed blade hunting knife is a more durable and reliable type and a constant favourite among regulars in the big game agenda, its performance largely depends on your maintenance skills. Cleaning the blade after each use as well as when stored for a longer period of time is a must. Storing it in a clean, dry place away from moisture also largely affects the hunting knife’s performance. There are commercial cleaning kits specifically designed to maintain sharpness and protective coating of hunting knives. Do remember that while stainless steel may be immune to rusting but, it can still deteriorate without proper care.


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