Leafy Camouflage Hunting Cloth: Is It Effective or Not?

Looking for the right leafy camouflage hunting cloth for your next escapade? While considered a must-have among many hunting enthusiasts, the use of camouflage has long been the fodder of debates and discussions. Deer being color blind is a common reason among cynics. To prolific enthusiasts, however, these pieces of clothing are known to deliver far better advantages than just being hidden from plain view. Here’s why many hunters still wear leafy camo up to this day.


Why Hunters Wear Camo?

The main reason hunters wear leafy camouflage hunting cloth is, of course, to stay hidden. Wearing something that allows you to blend well to the foliage will help lure deer, ducks, rabbits, and other animals you wish to hunt. Some camo clothing like the North Mountain Leafy Camouflage Hunting Ghillie Suit Set from Amazon, for instance, comes with 3D leafy elements to distract your prey and allow it to believe that you are “one with nature.” Though they can smell you, getting into a stationary position can be harder for them to lose your tracks.

Camo suits are also designed specifically to give you protection from the inclement or extreme weather conditions. It can keep you warm during a winter spell while out and about hunting rabbits for some stew. Keep in mind that it only takes a little less than an hour or two for hypothermia to set in when hunting during a snowy day. It also allows protection from getting soaked when hunting during heavy rains. Additionally, many leafy camouflage hunting cloth brands today have sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable.

Camouflage clothing does not only serve those who hunt for fun, but also for preppers who decide to stay off-grid. It allows you to be highly visible to other hunters while staying concealed from animal preys you and your team hunt. Some people who hunt in packs often, make use of “signals” by using high-viz reflectors allowing them to easily spot you even when rooted to a tree or a cluster of ferns.

Camo jackets and pants are often padded for comfort. So, even if you roll, duck, or jump for cover, your body is still covered or protected from traumatic injuries during impact. It may even provide an added safety net when you need to crawl into a mud pit or grassy area where leaves’ blades may slice your skin or rocks may cause bruising and other injuries to the body.

Most camouflage hunting cloth is not only designed with leafy clusters attached to both vests and pants, but also with pockets and hoodies. Pockets are great in hiding hunting stuffs like bullets, knife, torch or flashlight, match, and other knick-knacks needed while out and about. Instead of wearing hats that can easily fall off, leafy camo hunting clothing also comes with a hood to shield the head from glaring light or rain and other elements of nature.

All in all, camo hunting clothing is designed to provide comfort and safety to its wearer. From preppers to hunting enthusiasts to ultimate outdoor gamers, finding one among hundreds of brands can be quite challenging. Fortunately, North Mountain has this Leafy Camouflage Hunting Ghillie Suit Set from Amazon.

One of the most recommended brands on Amazon, North Mountain Leafy Camouflage Hunting Ghillie Suit Set is made from premium quality materials made for hunting enthusiasts, preppers, and outdoor gamers. Though light and comfortable, it is designed to withstand tough terrains and outdoor conditions. The polyester mesh shell comes covered with 3D leaves made to keep your outline and form concealed on whatever foliage you get into.

Weighing a mere 1.5 pounds, it can easily be stuffed on its free camo carry bag. It can also be worn even in the most extreme bush or wooded area and still not snag on any dirt or brush on unfavorable elements of nature. Even when worn for days, the whole ghillie suit still looks as clean. When caked in mud, simply place in the washing machine and voila! It can also be manually washed and dried– and still, look like its old form without any signs of shrinking or whatsoever.

Other notable features include extra-large 3D leaves on the buttoned jacket allowing ease of concealment on any foliage while hunting. The super-elastic pants can be adjusted via its drawstring for comfort-fit. Even the jacket’s hood is designed with large 3D leaves to help a hunter concealed from head to toe. For sizes, the North Mountain Leafy Camouflage Hunting Ghillie Suit Set comes in the following sizes: Large, X-large, and 2XL on Amazon.


Bottom Line
So, is leafy camouflage hunting cloth effective? Experienced hunting enthusiasts, preppers, and outdoor gamers unanimously say YES! It provides both protection and comfort to the wearer from elements of the environment noting that you will be staying outdoors for hours. While picking can be challenging, Amazon verified buyers highly recommended the North Mountain Leafy Camouflage Hunting Ghillie Suit Set for its quality design and durable elements. Definitely, buying one is a good investment– and a perfect way to enjoy hunting to the hilt.


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