5 Must Have Hunting Camo Gear List You Should Use

Have you ever prepared a hunting camo gear list? Some hunters go by their instinct when anticipating a big game ahead. For seasoned ones, however, getting ready before any planned hunting event is essential to make the experience more fun and fulfilling as well as safe. To kickstart your big game, here are hunting camo gear must-haves to pack to keep your small or big game kickin’.


Hunting Camo Gear List

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1. Uning Self-Adhesive Protective Camo Tape Wrap

Hunting equipment like guns, bows, rifles, flashlights, tactical knives, binoculars, and so on are often exposed to breaks from fall or shock from being constantly on the move when out and about sneaking around game meat. This Uning Self-Adhesive Protective Camo Tape Wrap serves as an efficient tool in covering these tools and equipment to keep them safe from such risks. It features self-adhesive contraction that allows easy sticking to any material without leaving any icky residue when removed.

Made with non-woven fabric, it can also wrap around and conform to any shape thereby improving grip and insulation from inclement weather and hot/cold exposure. Packed economically in sets of 3, you can easily get everything wrapped in no time for the big hunt ahead. To save more, ask friends if they also want to order so you can order them in bulk. Check here for discounts and shipping perks from Amazon.


2. Hornz Polarized Camo Sunglasses for Men

Protect your eyes from hazardous UV radiation from the sun with this Hornz Polarized Camo Sunglasses for Men. More than the idea of giving some oomph to your hunting get-up, it actually provides added safety to any huntsman as they mark target against the glaring sun. Made with a soft yet durable rubberized-coated frame to hold the lens in place and non-slip rubber lining for secure ear grip, it keeps the glasses secure and your eye virtually protected at all times.

Shatter-proof, shockproof, and scratch-resistant, it also blends effectively to woodline and heavy foliage. The lens comes in smoke+blue, amber, blue, and smoke– all with a microfiber pouch for protection, too. Check for the price on Amazon HERE.


3. Badlands 2200 Camo Hunting Meat Hauler Backpack

A hunting trip is never complete with a backpack to hold all your necessities in one place. What better way than to pick one that’s been trusted for decades then. The Badlands 2200 Camo Hunting Meat Hauler Backpack has been a trusted carry-all bag for more than 20 years. Having been redesigned to include the latest in physics and bio-mechanics, it allows the body to easily adapt to the backpack while providing support to its weight by transferring bulk to the hips and not to the spine.

Important features include 100 percent waterproof KXO-32 military-grade material, 8 intelligent pocket systems with integrated spotting scope pocket, compression strap, and 2L water reservoir. It is also compatible with various pistols, rifles, bows, along with holsters and belts. Want discount or shipping perks, check out Amazon.


4. Foot Matters Compression Socks

Another excellent tip when packing for your hunting camo gear list is to anticipate long hours of standing, kneeling, or strategic positioning of self when sneaking on a target. Foot Matters Compression Socks help improve your blood circulation, stabilize stance and ankle protection, minimize muscle fatigue, and provide overall comfort to the leg, heels, shins, and mid-calf.

Made with 15-20mmHG compression power, non-restrictive band, and extra-breathable fabric, it aims to protect while ensuring maximum wear sans skin irritations. Check for discounts and shipping perks from Amazon.


5. Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binoculars

Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binoculars is the ultimate budget-friendly yet extra-durable hunting eye-candy out there. Think about high powered magnification without the heavy price tag and astounding features like full-coat optics for a clearer view, non-slip shockproof rubber armor for firm grip and protection from fall, fold-down eyecups, and center focus system for clarity of view at a 378-foot distance, and compact size with carrying case as well as a neck strap for comfort and added convenience. To enjoy a lifetime warranty, go to Amazon.


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Fun Times Ahead


Hunting is a complex activity that requires not just skills but also a keen sense of planning and preparation. Many hunters, however, tend to overlook their equipment needs and wait until the last minute to buy them. Seasoned ones, however, share one known tip– always keep a pack ready long before any hunting trip. Keep these hunting camo gear list handy for your next big or small game needs. To save, check out if Amazon provides discounts or shipping perks when bought all at once.


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