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Of the many tools in hunting, air rifle has always been a constant favorite among small game enthusiasts. The quiet precision of each shot a hunter takes makes it excellent for short-range hunting for rabbits, hares, owls, raccoons, and even small elks or deer. While known for its efficacy on every hunt, the types of air rifles nowadays are too many to mention that it can be overwhelming to choose just one. To jumpstart your search, however, we’ve come up with the top 3 air rifles under $200 to amp your small game to higher levels.


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Best Air Rifles Under 200 – Top Picks:

If you try to search in Amazon for an air rifle under $200, the results can take you hours to scan through. So, we narrow down the list to those that are highly recommended and came up with these top three air rifle options.
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Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle comes with the unique spring-piston break-and-barrel single shot mechanism most seasoned hunters love. Built with all-weather Ambi-composite stock-fiber optic sights with 4×32 scope and mount, 4x magnification lens with 29-feet FOV, 3-eye relief, and nitrogen-filled pumping system, this air rifle is a great buy at such affordable price. Add to that the 1000 feet-per-second bullet velocity with the ever-silent 0.177 caliber gun– and definitely, you are in for a big surprise!

The extreme velocity of the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle complemented with its sneaky silent caliber will allow you to take a careful shot without alarming the sensitive hearing sense of your prey. One pull of the trigger and your target will be left with no chance to escape unharmed. Fast and accurate, lightweight, and best of all– affordable, this is definitely one that should be on your list of must-haves whether for small game hunts or when trying to eliminate vermin, squirrels, possums, and raccoon in the backyard.


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Another break-and-barrel air rifle model which made to the top 3 is the Winchester 1400CS model. Like the previous model, this one comes with the silent mechanism of a 0.177 caliber gun. Velocity, however, is at 1400 feet-per-second via alloy pellets making it a premium break-action pellet air rifle excellent for hunting games or for practice shooting.

Lightweight and designed with composite stock in mossy oak break-up infinity camouflage design, it is also complemented with a thumb-hole grip and 3-9 by 32 air rifle scope for stronger wrist support and more accurate and stable trigger pull. An integrated sound suppressor also reduces sound emission by 50 percent when the trigger is pulled. For more stability, a fold-down bi-pod leg can be extended from 9-inch to 13.5-inch to suit your stance. For ease of carrying while out and about as well as stability during free-range shooting, a web sling also comes handy. Overall, the Winchester 1400CS is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced shooters taking its reliability and accuracy into consideration.



Veering away from break-and-barrel air rifles, the Daisy Outdoor 880 Air Rifle model is your multi-pump pneumatic model. Made with high-quality wood-grained Monte Carlo stock, it shoots both pellets and BBs ammo making it a great choice for small games and practice target shooting. The Daisy 880 comes with a steel rifled barrel built with 0.177 super-silent caliber gun delivering 800 feet per second maximum velocity.

One of the advantages of the Daisy Outdoor 880 Air Rifle is its pneumatic multi-pump mechanism. Complemented with forearm blade, ramp front, and adjustable rear sights, this allows more power, stability, and accuracy to this affordable brand. Overall, this makes a great air rifle for both beginners and experienced hunting enthusiasts.

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Hunt Like A Pro:


When it comes to choosing the right air rifle, these three models priced below $200 definitely comes highly recommended. Do remember that the need to consider the barrel, scope, trigger and ammo must be prioritized. These features allow you to check not just power and accuracy but also speed, stability, and durability leading to a more satisfying experience in the open field. So, choose well and up the ante on your next small or big game. Check for discounts on these top 3 air rifles below $200 from Amazon now!

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