Top 7 Hunting Apparel Brands To Rev Up Your Big Game

Hunting is a favorite past time among many adrenaline junkies across the globe. In the US, places like NW Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona are just some of the notable places to hunt big games. While it has been considered one of the most dangerous sports as one can easily be mistaken as a wild boar when hunting with companions, it still continues to be a thriving business to top hunting apparel brands in the market today.



When thinking of finding your next trophy hunt, wearing appropriate clothing will up your ante in terms of safety and chameleon-like skills. But with hundreds of hunting apparel brands nowadays, finding the best one to suit your needs can be overwhelming. To kickstart your big game hunt, we’ve scoured the Amazon for the 2020 top brands and came up with these highly recommended ones:

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SitkaGear is one of the oldest hunting apparel brands in the market. It is known for its lightweight CORE clothing elements that deliver astounding next-to-skin feel on highly durable yet breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, the likes of the SITKA Jetstream Lite Jacket, below. Today, it comes up with biologist-designed SubAlpine camo pattern that allows ease of blending with any vegetative ground terrain.


Another mainstay in the market is the ScentLok brand. It capitalizes on eliminating more than 90+ per cent of human odours allowing better concealment system. It has a patented scent-controlling technology that actively makes use of activated carbon to help hunting enthusiasts get closer to the big game. One of the pioneers in the hunting industry, it continually seeks ways to deliver the best hunting apparel from one generation to another. It is popular also for its NeverWet super-hydrophobic treatment that allows protection for hunters from water and devastating oil exposure. This ScentLok Full Season Velocity Jacket below, for example, comes with water repellent features in a lightweight and comfy design.


Another renowned brand, Nomad continues to deliver highly durable and engineering hunting clothing to suit every hunting enthusiasts big game needs. Their 2017 Harvester series was developed for whitetail hunters while the Dunn series was specifically designed via heavyweight Primaloft-lined insulated clothing. Much of its hunting apparel are designed to get you back into the basics of a hunt in all practicality. While various pieces tend to complete the whole apparel, each can also be used on their own. Take this NOMAD Long Sleeve Cooling Tee. This can be used as an inner shirt during winter big game while it can also be a standalone hunting clothing during the dog days of summer.


A popular brand because of its performance fabrics, Under Armour is definitely not just for convenient sports like running or cycling. Its thread borne wool garment is quite renowned in the hunting communities across the globe due to its amazing comfort, warmth, moisture-wicking technology, flexibility or stretchability, heat retention mechanism and anti-microbial element. Check out this Under Armour Men's (also comes with pieces for women) UA Storm Scent Control Barrier Jacket.


A renowned backpack manufacturer that preppers and hunters love, Badlands continue to deliver topnotch hunting clothing that comes complemented with antimicrobial treatment, wind-blocking element, and unique Cool Touch technology. Take this Badlands Men’s Convection Camo Insulated Hunting Bib Overalls, for instance. It comes equipped with Teflon Shield to help repel not just water but also dirt and stains.


What used to be the go-to brand for hunting boots, it has continually evolve into a full-blown and one of the top hunting apparel brands in the market. It offers hunting elements that get one covered from head to toe. Take this Rocky Boys Pro Hunter Full Zip Insulated Parka as a great addition to any hunting enthusiasts main armoire for a big game ahead.


The new kid on the block, Plythal is steadily gaining popularity in the hunting community for its proprietary Photoflauge clothing element. It banks on breathability and flexibility as well as scent blocking, noise reducer, and wind-water reducer. This Plythal Men's Prima-Heat Camouflage Hunting Vest, for example, boasts of neat features not seen in other brands.


Bottom Line
Whether you hunt for fowls, moose, deer, rabbit, or bear– wearing the right clothing that protects and conceals perfectly is essential. These top 7 hunting apparel brands are just some of the most notable and highly recommended brands for 2017. So, take your pick and order one from Amazon ASAP to get your big game on!

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